Male yogis, like female yogis, are often judged more than their female counterparts. Why? For one, male yogis tend to wear more clothing and clothing choices are often linked to sexual orientation. Second, male and female yogis tend to stand out in their communities. A female yogi is likely to be accepted more readily in the yoga community than a male yogi. (This also holds true for male and female lactation consultants.) Finally, male yogis are often more visually attractive than female yogis. What makes them extra attractive?

10 Things About Male Yogis That Make Them Extra Attractive | Male yogis from all cultures have been celebrated for millennia as the epitome of physical and spiritual health. The yogi is considered the ideal man, fit, strong, healthy, and free of the shackles of worldly attachments. Although yogis are usually associated with India, there have been saints and sages from many other parts of the world who have followed the yogic lifestyle.

We like to think that our yogis are a pretty special group. They are well-nourished, fit, healthy, attractive, attractive, and more attractive. But the truth is, not all yogis are the same. Men who practice yoga have a positive effect on their health, and indeed, on their mental and physical well-being.

One of the benefits of joining a yoga community is having a delightful yogi wonder man by your side. Despite what some of you may notice or observe in the yoga classes you take, more and more men are discovering the many benefits of yoga practice.

Here are 10 things we absolutely love about our fellow yogis with a Y chromosome.

1. They are impartial.

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Male yogis don’t believe in the stereotype that yoga is only for women, and that fact alone gives them a big edge over stereotypical frat boys and downright macho men. Yoga is good for you regardless of your gender, and these men are living proof.

2. They are as flexible as they are strong.

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People who practice yoga are generally more flexible than average, and the combination of stronger, more contoured muscles and open joints always earns us extra points.

3. They are not typical brothers.

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Men who practice yoga are less concerned with money, women and cars, are less obnoxious or insensitive, because they are often as much concerned with their inner life, the balance between mind and ego, and the spread of good karma as they are with other male things.

4. You can discuss chakras with them without feeling like a new age fanatic.

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Yogis who are dedicated to philosophy, metaphysics and the application of yoga are some of the best people to talk to about these things. And they don’t go away when you start talking about your feelings. Overall victory.

5. You are not breathing with your mouth.

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Between all the pranayamas, ujjayi and kapalbati of yoga, male yogis are experts at deep breathing and literally do not breathe through their mouths. It may be superficial, but it’s always a plus for some men and women.

6. They are very cold.

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While men who do not practice yoga can be tense and visibly nervous in moments of tension, male yogis are the epitome of equanimity and tend to think clearly and act calmly even in the most adverse situations.

7. They are receptive and generous.

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Whether it’s a classmate or a teacher, male yogis are usually very accommodating and helpful if you need adjustments, advice on your posture, or someone to keep an eye on you while you work on Pincha Majurasana.

8. They understand that it is about health, not diet.

Men who practice yoga regularly are more likely to live a healthy lifestyle themselves. They won’t laugh if they see you devour a kale smoothie, and they’ll probably ask you to share with them (just ask RDJ *wink*).

9. They provide focused energy in the classroom.

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Since most men are intense and competitive by nature, they give off an infectious aura that not only attracts you, but also positively affects your yoga practice.

10. You look good.

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I don’t want to point out the obvious things, but inversions, core work, stretches and arm balances in yoga are very good for the male body. Not only do they have toned muscles and healthy bodies (which is always a good thing!), but they also look ridiculously good.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that ALL men who practice yoga automatically have all these qualities, and we’re sure you have your own ideas about what makes male yogis so great! Share your thoughts in the comments below!After the hectic and sometimes stressful lives of men, it’s always a breath of fresh air to see a man who likes to take a break from the daily grind and relax. However, it’s not every day that we come across a man who has conquered the world in his own personal time and yet still manages to maintain an enviable physique. Here are some of the reasons why male yogis are more attractive.. Read more about can you get buff from yoga and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are yogis better in bed?

Some people believe that yoga practitioners are better in bed because they have more stamina and can last longer.

Is it weird for guys to do yoga?

It’s not weird for guys to do yoga, but it is a little unusual.

What is a male yoga master called?

A male yoga master is called a guru.

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