Three of the most popular yoga podcasts are Slow Down Yoga, Yoga With Adrienne, and Yoga Stream. There’s a lot to choose from, but these three are some of our favorites. We just wanted to share with you our favorite three, so that you could find an awesome podcast to enjoy. We have also included some of our favorite yoga teachers and poses.

Do you listen to podcasts? If so, how often do you listen to them? If you’re like me, you have a few podcasts that you regularly listen to, while others you never get around to listening to. But before I go and dive into my favorite podcasts, it’s important to share with you some podcasts that I think you should check out.

This week the Yoga on the Farm podcast will be releasing their first episode live on the farm. This will be the first time that we will be recording the show and we are excited and nervous! We have a lot of work to do to get the show up and running and we hope to have it ready by next Friday.

There are many yoga podcasts, each reflecting the personality and style of the teacher. You’ll have to try a few times to find the ones that work best for you.

Here are 3 podcasts I like.

Yoga and Other Helpful Things with Tara Stiles (VIDEO)

Not a morning person Podcast

I spend a lot of time fantasizing about the day I jump out of bed and begin a deep and rigorous morning yoga practice. This has probably happened twice in my life. I think it’s best to be realistic about what my body can handle first thing in the morning, and these short podcasts by Tara Stiles are perfect for that. These podcasts are short and sweet (most are four to ten minutes long) for those of us who like to sleep in. Some podcasts focus on morning exercises, and others can even be done before you get out of bed. I notice a difference in my body throughout the day when I take five minutes to do my morning exercise. The ability to follow the video is perfect for my fuzzy morning brain – it takes the pressure off so I can hear every word she says and find my own practice on the spot.

Check it out on iTunes >> Podcast on Yoga Practice with Jason Crandell

Fast and targeted podcast

They are great because there is no excuse, I don’t have time. Most episodes are less than twenty-five minutes long. Instead of trying to cram everything into a short time, they focus on a specific body part or pose type. They are interesting because you can combine short lessons into a longer exercise. Jason Crandell gives thoughtful, detailed instructions to help you get in and out of each pose safely, and his voice is clear and reassuring. He doesn’t have the verbal tics that are distracting when you listen to the same person for a long time. Katherine Budig also teaches on this show, but I haven’t listened to any of her episodes yet.

Check it out on iTunes >>

Elsie Yoga Class (Audio)

Ready to move on in thepodcast

Elsie Escobar teaches in Pittsburgh. This podcast is an audio recording of her open group sessions, so you can hear how she presents changes and interacts with students during the course. Most classes last an hour or seventy-five minutes, but the podcast is often longer because it spends a lot of time on the theme and an overview of the class at the beginning (if you’re impatient to get to the asanas, you can fast-forward). Elsie’s emphasis on alignment and creative consistency makes this podcast fascinating, and the 118 episodes are enough to keep you tuned in for a long time. She complements the podcast with photos of each pose on her website, but I think this option works best if you are already familiar with the poses and the Sanskrit names, or if you take regular classes with a teacher.

Check it out on iTunes >>

Do you have a favorite yoga podcast? Tell us about it in the comments.If you’re looking for a quick fix to keep you on track with daily yoga practice, then check out this list of yoga podcasts that are just what you need. These podcasts are designed to get you back on track, and motivate you to keep practicing your yoga practice each and every day.. Read more about yoga voice instructions and let us know what you think.

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