Yoga twists are a form of deep stretching of the cervical vertebrae and can sometimes be referred to as a neck and back stretching. They are often practiced in conjunction with other yoga postures and are believed to make the spine and neck more flexible and strengthen the muscles and ligaments throughout the body.

You have to give it to Yoga Twists: they have their own reason for being. But, what exactly is a Yoga Twists? A Yoga Twists is a sequence of Yoga exercises in which a yogi twists in a specific way. The purpose of the twists is to increase flexibility in the spine, and to open up the chest and lungs.

Yoga has become a very popular workout for both men and women. But apart from being a great way to stay fit, yoga has also helped many people shed off unwanted pounds. Thats because after practicing yoga, the regular physical activities that it involves can help in burning calories. Another great thing about yoga is that its a great opportunity to improve the flexibility of your body.

Loops are one of my favorite pose groups. For me, who has often struggled with digestive issues in my life, learning yoga twists has been a lifesaver. Twists are postures in which the shoulder girdle is usually moved in the opposite direction of the hips. There are different twists that target the upper body, middle body, and lower body, and they all have their own health benefits.

If you want to practice the twist but don’t know where to start, I recommend participating in a free 30-day yoga challenge. You will learn more about the twists and turns and perform the movements at a pace that works for you.

Here are five reasons why you should practice twists in yoga.

1. Improving digestion

When you spin, you are actually compressing your digestive organs, putting a strain on them. This leads to poor circulation. When you release the twist, there is an influx of fresh blood filling your digestive organs. Fresh blood flow means fresh oxygen and nutrients. Rotation increases blood flow to the digestive organs, increasing their efficiency.

2. Detoxification

As mentioned earlier, when you twist, you cut off the blood supply to your digestive organs, and when you release the twist, fresh blood flows back to your abdominal organs. This reintroduction of fresh blood can help cleanse cells of accumulated waste, as increased blood flow increases cell detoxification. They can also help move stuck stools and gases through the digestive tract due to the compression that occurs when you twist.

3. Maintaining normal spinal rotation

Muscles and other tissues around the spine can become stiff over time. The result is limited mobility, pain and discomfort that can significantly affect quality of life. Practicing twisting poses keeps your spinal muscles flexible, which contributes to your mobility and well-being.

4. Reduction of back pain

Leaning at the computer in the office, slouching in the car, sitting in a chair that doesn’t support the back and standing with shoulders hunched over are all things that most of us do on a daily basis. All of these habits can lead to back pain. Twisting stretches and strengthens the back muscles, which can provide significant relief from everyday back pain.

5. De-stressing

The twist is an excellent pose if you are stressed or anxious. These poses open the chest, shoulders and back, which helps reduce anxiety. When you purr, you release pent up tension in your body, which can have a positive effect on your mental state. You get double benefit if you combine spinning with slow, rhythmic breathing.Yoga has been a part of the human culture for thousands of years and it has health benefits that have been shown to have a positive effect on the health of the individual practicing. It also benefits the body and mind of those around you. The following are just a few of the benefits of yoga that include the following:. Read more about emotional benefits of twists in yoga and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of twisting in yoga?

Twisting in yoga is a great way to stretch and strengthen the spine. It also helps to release tension in the neck, shoulders, and upper back.

What are spinal twists good for?

Spinal twists are good for stretching the spine and improving posture.

Why are twisting poses important to the practitioner?

Twisting poses are important to the practitioner because they help to open up the chest and release tension in the spine.

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