If you’re a regular reader of the blog, you know that I’ve been attending the Cannabis Science conference in New York City for the past 3 years. For my first time at CSE ’19, I have decided to write a blog about my experience, as it turned out to be quite interesting.

I had the very good fortune of attending Cannabis science con East, a conference put on by the Cannabis Science Medical Conference. It was held at the National Harbor in Maryland. The conference had a very impressive and diverse lineup, with some of the most promising research on cannabis.

I attended Cannabiz Science Con East ’19 at the New York Marriott Marquis, and the conference was an amazing experience, with high-quality speakers, workshops, speakers, and networking sessions. I was surprised by the number of medical cannabis professionals, scientists, and veterans at the conference. Many of the vendors were military veterans, and many of the speakers had combat experiences, or stories of their experiences, in the field. At one point during the final panel, I stood up to speak about my experiences with medical cannabis. “There are a lot of veterans in this industry.” I said. “It’s a huge industry, and it should be utilized more for veterans.”

The 2019 Cannabis Science East Conference just wrapped up at the Baltimore Convention Center, and Gentleman had a fantastic experience. Not only did I learn a lot, but I also got the chance to network with local industry, which was just unheard of. I have seen groups from many medical clinics, growers and processors from Maryland and the District of Columbia. And many other things. Look at this thing!

Moriah Barnhart, founder of CannaMoms, and Joshua Crossney, founder of Cannabis Science Con.

Families in illegal states that will see this kick in the door for medical marijuana programs. This movie will change the way people think about cannabis, just like JAWS made sure they killed all the sharks. Wait a minute!

Or not! You can rent it now or buy it on Amazon. Don’t forget to leave a comment!

It’s a coffee grinder, but for science! From SPEX CertiPrep

TIL: Testing of pesticides

I was for the analytical way. I wanted to know as much as possible about pesticides and current testing methods. After presentations from rival lab equipment manufacturers, Perkin Elmer and Shimadzu, one thing became clear:

The science of pesticide testing is still far from being an established and universally accepted methodology. The cannabis plant itself presents a unique challenge for analysis because it is both diverse and biochemically dense. During these conferences, I often heard the words sensitivity and signal/noise repeated. In addition, some specific pesticides and toxins require different detection methods – there is no single method for all.

by Perkin Elmer

What shocked me was the difference in pesticide testing requirements from state to state. Colorado, for example, does not test for heavy metals. The State of Maryland has a list of 48 chemicals that should not be used above certain negligible levels. But Oregon has 56. There are 66 in California. And Canada has 96. Goddamn it! That’s double what we’re testing here.

Permitted ratios also vary from state to state. In California you may exceed the .1 x chemical standard, but in another state it may be .01. That’s ten times the amount of chemical X in your lungs!

Shimadzu gas chromatography mass spectrometer

Should patients and consumers in Maryland be concerned about the 48 other chemicals in our weed? I asked Dr. Bob Clifford of Shimadzu this question, and he repeated what I told you:

  1. Let’s face it – there are pesticides in our food too.
  2. For many, many years, marijuana was a product of the black market, without control or testing. People didn’t get sick from it. That was one of the main arguments for legalization, weed is safe. A little testing is better than no testing. I would add that this is only true if the results are reliable.

The other thing I learned about pesticide testing?

Running a marijuana testing lab can be lucrative. In his presentation, Dr. Clifford showed how by increasing the efficiency of the equipment, you can increase the number of tests you can perform per day, which suggests $225 per day.

And the possible 90+ tests a day. That’s about $20,000 a day. That’s over half a million for the month. Just to put weed in the fancy fridge and print out diagrams? And you’re wearing a lab coat? Dog, who wants to start a lab with me?

You can lift your dog

Your dog will not die from eating your stock. Steven Sital, Director of Education and Development at ElleVet Sciences, told us about research conducted in the 1960s and 1970s that attempted to directly kill dogs by giving them up to 9,000 mg of THC per day. Other than the bench clogging and bladder control issues, they were fine.

Recently, there have been reports of dogs in Colorado dying after eating grass because it turned into chocolate or raisins, which is bad for your pet.

Rotary evaporator for international marijuana extraction

Treatment of epilepsy with cannabis

Dr. Bonnie Goldstein, a renowned medical cannabis expert, discussed recent research and clinical trials showing that marijuana preparations can reduce the incidence of seizures in many pediatric patients. It’s not just anecdotal anymore!

However, I was shocked at how high the success rates of placebo treatment can be. For example, 20% more. Although I do feel better about what I spend on new age crystals.

Dr. Goldstein is an advocate of all-natural medications, but he thinks Epidiolex, a recently FDA-approved antiepileptic drug, could be a useful addition to a treatment plan. In his experience, this is far better than nothing in the United States, where cannabis is still illegal.

I was surprised to learn that the price of treating a child with a cannabis-based medicine, even in a legal state, can be prohibitive. At high levels, some patients need 500 mg per day and others even more.

Dr. Goldstein has to build tolerance breaks into some of these treatment plans to keep costs down. These tolerance problems often lead to seizures.

While his overall quality of life has greatly improved, it’s pretty heartbreaking. Imagine if insurance paid for medications that were proven to be effective and these children would never have to stop taking their medications!

Support Hannahtopia!


Hannahtopia is an amazing startup founded by the mother of an epileptic child. They want to provide children and young adults hospitalized for epilepsy with cheerful, fun clothing that is connected to medical devices, such as. B. tube feeding, is adjusted so they have a sense of normalcy. You can support Hannahtopia’s vision by purchasing t-shirts at EmpowerYourOdyssey.com.

Back to the placebo! The Johns Hopkins study on depression and anxiety had no control group and was based on self-report. It’s not the strongest study, but the results are promising enough that we want to see more.

To date, only two states have recognized anxiety as a reason for medical marijuana, and no state has recognized depression. It makes me both anxious and depressed! I need more grass! Wait!

Randy Reed, owner of Seattle-based recreational cannabis company Olala Brands, talked about his award-winning multi-stage CO2 extraction method. At GTHQ we are big fans of CO2! I can’t wait to try Olala the next time I’m out west.

Program Table We look forward to next year!

The Cannabis Science Conference East ’19 is a two-day event that was held at the beautiful Atlantic City Convention Center in New Jersey, USA. The theme of the event was “Cannabis Science: Medicinal and Science-Based Medicine” and this year, the event attracted over 2,000 professionals in the fields of chemistry, pharmacology, clinical trials, plant science and the law. The event included more than 30 scientific abstracts and two keynote speeches.. Read more about cbd trade shows 2021 and let us know what you think.

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