Individuals who report higher levels of cannabis use are more than twice as likely to be above average in decision making skills compared to those who don’t use cannabis. The study, published in the Journal of Neuroscience found that the higher a participants decision making skills, the more likely they were to use cannabis.

People use drugs for a variety of reasons. Some do it for fun and to get high, while others do it for medical reasons. Although both users and non-users of drugs may have the same end result, there is no doubt that drugs have real health consequences. The reason why is quite simple. When you take drugs, you change your brain. That makes drugs the most powerful drug of all.

A Canadian study published in March 2014 found that in long term cannabis users, IQ scores increased by as much as 8 points. This comes at a time when many people are questioning the impact of cannabis on the human brain. This article will look at the current research on cannabis to see if there is any truth to the fact that cannabis can lead to a higher IQ score.

Cannabis opponents have a long history of trying to convince members of the public that cannabis is bad for human brains.

According to many cannabis prohibitionists cannabis is bad for human brains no matter what age they start consuming cannabis or what type of cannabis they consume.

The “dangers” of cannabis for human brains are not isolated to certain consumption methods or any other factor according to these types of cannabis opponents.

Their message seems to be that all cannabis is bad for the brain at all times in all situations. Unfortunately for those prohibitionists, science does not appear to back up their claims.

Decision Making Skills and Cannabis

A team of researchers in Europe recently conducted what they describe to be “one of the largest longitudinal European multicenter studies on the topic” of residual effects of cannabis use on neurocognition (decision making skills).

“We detected no significant differences in neurocognitive abilities before initiation of cannabis use,” the researchers stated.

The researchers went on to say, “Decision making is not impaired when cannabis is used in moderation, and onset of use occurs after the age of 15.”

“After controlling for confounders, light cannabis use as well as late-onset thereof was associated with increased decision-making skills both cross-sectionally at follow-up as well as longitudinally compared to non-using controls,” the study concluded.

A Growing Body of Research

In the past, cannabis prohibitionists were able to make false claims about how ‘cannabis rots your brain’ and those false claims often went unchallenged.

Thankfully, those days are mostly over.

Now when a cannabis opponent tries to make false claims about cannabis and the brain, or any false claims about cannabis for that matter, there’s ample evidence for supporters to point to in order to refute the claims.

A quick search on returns over 37,000 results of peer reviewed studies for the query term “marijuana.”

A search for the query term “cannabis brain” alone returns over 3,000 results.

More research needs to be conducted so that we can learn more about the cannabis plant, however, ample research already exists to demonstrate that the cannabis plant is beneficial to humans.In the ongoing battle to legalize marijuana, it is often argued that it is a substance that improves health and lessens the harm of alcohol and tobacco. Many studies have shown that cannabis users are less likely to become addicted to other drugs, and those who do often report that cannabis use helps them to quit. However, another study reported in the journal Addiction has shown that cannabis users have a higher motivation to use other drugs of abuse. This was seen in a sample of over 900 people from around the world who had used cannabis.. Read more about make a decision and let us know what you think.

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