Every month, hundreds of pets are taken to shelters in need of loving homes. Many of these animals are rescued from streets where they are roaming the city looking for food and shelter. These unfortunate animals take in many forms, but they all have one thing in common: they are looking for a second chance at life.

CV Sciences has announced the addition of PlusCBD™ hemp to their CBD products, which includes a pet formula for cats and dogs, as well as a topical CBD lotion for cats, dogs, and horses.

word-image-8712 – display CV Sciences, Inc. is a pioneer in cannabidiol-based cannabis products and is known for its extensive CBD studies and clinical research, as well as its distinction as the first CBD company to receive GRAS safety status for CBD-based cannabis products. In response to the growing needs of customers, CV Sciences Plus is launchingCBD Pet, a complete line of cannabis-based products ideal for cats and dogs. PlusCBD Pet is made using a unique technology of the same cannabis extracts that CV Sciences uses in its current best-selling CBD products. PlusCBD Pet is available in 500mg and 250mg and offers unique pet friendly flavors such as salmon, unflavored, beef, peanut butter and chicken. PlusCBD Pet, which will be launched soon, will be available through the company’s online and offline sales channels, as well as through specialty pharmacies, pet food stores and mass merchandisers. According to Brightfield Group, the company generated $321 million in 2019, 10 times more than the previous year. Brightfield Group expects sales to reach 563 million by the end of 2020. This growth is due to the increasing demand from pet owners for safer, more natural alternatives to standard solutions for common diseases, pain and anxiety in companion animals. The U.S. companion animal market is expected to reach 1.7 billion by December 2025. In a press release, Joseph Dowling, CEO of CV Sciences, says PlusCBD Pet will allow them to strengthen their brand and give their retail distribution channels a share in the growing CBD market. CV Sciences believes its entry into the CBD category for pets will be successful as it intensifies its campaign to educate pet owners about the benefits of feeding CBD-enriched products to cats and dogs. The company plans to expand sales of PlusCBD products beyond its footprint to enable pet owners to treat their pets with safe and effective CBD products.

About CV Sciences, Inc

CV Sciences is derived from the word Curriculum Vitae and Science. Curriculum Vitae means curriculum vitae, and science means the pursuit of truth. The main objective of CV Sciences is to improve the quality of life by combining science and nature. The company conducts two types of wellness activities. The first business segment includes the manufacturing, marketing and distribution of CBD-based diet products and dietary supplements. The second segment involves the development and marketing of innovative CBD-based health products. CV Sciences is one of the best-selling CBD cannabis brands in the United States. CV Sciences PlusCBD products are available in more than 6,200 stores in the United States alone. The company’s products are processed and tested in world-class facilities to ensure they meet industry requirements and good manufacturing practice guidelines. PlusCBD products are clinically tested and proven to be effective. The products have been explicitly given the status of generally recognised as safe (GRAS). CV Sciences’ main offices and facilities are located in San Diego, California.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is hemp oil safe for dogs and cats?

CBD (cannabidiol) is a compound that is found in the cannabis plant. It is being used to treat people with a wide range of health conditions, including epilepsy, anxiety and other neurodegenerative diseases. However, there is a growing interest in the use of CBD for pets. The recent news surrounding hemp oil for pets has been heavy on the CBD and light on the HEMP. With a lot of journalists promoting the use of cannabidiol (CBD), some of which have been around for years and have never mentioned the true benefits of hemp oils, many pet owners believe that their pet will be able to achieve similar results. True, CBD is a cannabis compound that is known to have medicinal value, but it is not the whole story. That is why CV Sciences has chosen to create products with a greater percentage of CBD and even more hemp to deliver results that are truly therapeutic.

What are the side effects of CBD oil for cats?

There have been countless studies on the health benefits of cannabidiol, or CBD. The common consensus from these studies is that CBD has significant benefits, from treating pain, to helping with anxiety and depression, to making you feel better. However, while it’s still relatively new, the entire industry is growing quickly… Thanks to a new study published in the journal, JAMA, pet owners can now get pet health care with a high-quality CBD supplement, as well as other natural supplements. PlusCBD™ is a high-quality supplement that has been developed as a safe and effective alternative to conventional veterinary medicines. This new study from JAMA shows that CBD is safe, effective, and well-tolerated by pets.

Do vets recommend CBD oil for dogs?

CBD oil is a natural supplement for many pets, and has been used for years to treat ailments ranging from arthritis pain to skin issues. CBD oil is derived from the cannabis sativa plant, and contains a specific component that has been shown to have medicinal uses for pets. There are a few different types of CBD oil for dogs and cats, so take the following information into consideration before making a decision. CBD oil is an all-natural compound derived from cannabis that has been known to induce beneficial effects on people and animals alike. It’s been used for human ailments such as epilepsy, pain, anxiety, and other conditions, and it’s being used by veterinarians to relieve pain, reduce seizures, and improve behavior in cats and dogs.

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