Sometimes people have a difficult time getting to grips with the idea of a low carb lifestyle. After all, it is grass and potatoes and flatbreads and other things of the sort. It is just too much for most people to wrap their heads around. In theory, a low carb, keto-friendly lifestyle means following a low carb diet that may contain keto-friendly carbs. This is, according to the theory of the diet, necessary for a person to be able to burn fat for fuel instead of carbohydrates, and to have the likelihood of being able to maintain the weight loss.

You can also make gluten-free gluten free potstickers by using a gluten-free flour, and having a little patience. It is not an easy task, but it can be done. Just like making gluten-free pasta, the process is not complicated. The key is to cook the mixture slowly so that the gluten in the flour softens and turns into dough.

Gluten free potstickers — the delicacy of Chinese cuisine — are often a staple at Chinese restaurants, but are they easy to cook and make? Yes they are! This recipe will make a large batch of 6 potstickers, so you can freeze some for later if you don’t want to make them all at once. The dough can be made in advance, so it is a perfect recipe to make for last minute potsticker appetizers.


We feel like we’ve accomplished the impossible with this recipe. I never imagined we’d be able to make low-carb, gluten-free potstickers! You might not believe it if you hadn’t seen us create them, fry them up, and taste them live on camera. Someone asked us to make keto dumplings or potstickers, so I was motivated by a combination of reading through Instagram food videos and someone requesting us to make keto dumplings or potstickers. So, we did it, and you can watch me make them in the video below, and then make them for your friends and family at home!

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The Best Low-Carb Potsticker Recipe Ever!

All we wanted to do was provide you the ingredients to make low-carb potstickers so you could re-create your favorite take-out dish at home! Apart from the excellent nutrition, what makes them the greatest is how simple they are to prepare. If you’re entertaining family and friends, you may make them cute or just roll up the filling like I did in the video, which makes them one of the easiest potsticker recipes to make. 

Our keto-friendly Gluten Free Potstickers turn your favorite Asian take-out night into a fun homemade, low carb, delicious dinner!

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How to Make Low-Carb Potstickers

These are the greatest because they contain almost no carbohydrates. I did say “zero carbohydrates.” Because the dough is created from cheese and egg yolk, you receive a good amount of fat and protein without all the carbs included in a traditional potsticker wrapper.

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Our keto-friendly Gluten Free Potstickers turn your favorite Asian take-out night into a fun homemade, low carb, delicious dinner!

Potstickers without gluten

Any type of Asian food, from Indian to Chinese, was one of my favorite foods as a kid. As a family, we always ordered takeout and ate in front of the television. What family hasn’t done something like that? We have various Asian recipes, which are excellent, thanks to my fascination with Asian food and reliving my childhood. Even before preparing these wonderful, gluten-free potstickers, we highly recommend trying our keto butter chicken and simple cashew chicken!

Note: We tried boiling these for dumplings and found that it is totally possible; however, the cheese will melt little due to the steam, so you’ll want to let them cool and solidify before picking them up and eating!

Our keto-friendly Gluten Free Potstickers turn your favorite Asian take-out night into a fun homemade, low carb, delicious dinner!

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Low Carb, Keto-Friendly Gluten-Free Potstickers

With recipes like our gluten-free potstickers, you’ll never miss takeout again!

4 hours 15 minutes total time

Servings Servings: 12 (1 Potsticker Per Serving)

111 calories per serving

Time to Prepare: 10 minutes

Time to prepare: 5 minutes


  • In a medium microwave-safe bowl, melt the cheese for 30-45 seconds. Using a spatula, fold in the yolks. Microwave for another 10 seconds to properly mix.

  • Fill a greased parchment paper with the cheese yolk mixture and cover with another greased parchment paper. With a rolling pin, roll out the ingredients into a lovely object.

  • Cut 12 circles out of paper and fill each with your chosen filling (we used cooked ground pork as seen above in the recipe). Fold the edges up to meet in the middle at the top, then squeeze shut (watch video to see how I did it).

  • Place all of the finished potstickers on a parchment-lined platter and chill for 3-4 hours to set and firm.

  • 2 tbsp oil of choice, heated to medium-high heat in a pan (we used avocado oil). In two batches, add the cold potstickers to the heated skillet and crisp on one side before flipping. Remove and set aside once both sides have been browned.

  • Garnish with sesame oil and sesame seeds, if desired.

  • Note: If you have any leftover mixture after cutting out the potstickers, you may need to re-microwave it and re-roll it out to create more!


The following nutritional information is per serving. This recipe serves 12 people. Each person gets one potsticker. Net Carbohydrates: 0.50g

Nutritional Information

Low Carb, Keto-Friendly Gluten-Free Potstickers

Per Serving Amount

111 calories 79 calories come from fat.

daily value in percent*

8.75 grams of fat (13%)

0.5g0 percent carbohydrate

8.25 g (17%) protein

* Percent Daily Values (%DV) are calculated using a 2000-calorie diet.

Side Dish is a course.


Gluten-free potstickers are a popular choice.

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You have to try these! I’m not a baker by any means, but these potstickers were so easy, and the flavors are wonderful. Potstickers are a Chinese classic, traditionally served with soy sauce or vinegar, but I’ve also made them with tomato sauce, and they turn out delicious every time too.. Read more about keto dim sum and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is gluten free pizza crust keto-friendly?

Yes, gluten free pizza crust is keto-friendly.

Is gluten free dough keto-friendly?

Yes, gluten free dough is keto-friendly.

Can I eat dumplings on keto?

Yes, you can eat dumplings on keto.

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