The first cold nights of winter often mean the start of some of our favorite pomaceous fruits. We can thank the flowers of the West Frosted Orange, Citrus Frosted Orange and Mandarin Orange for this.

In California and parts of Mexico, citrus fruit is in peak season—but it’s not just about oranges. Often overlooked, the avocado is a fruit that is great to grow in the home garden and offers a delicious harvest throughout the year. It’s easy to grow, easy to fruit, and delicious to eat. In fact, the avocado has been cultivated in the Americas for thousands of years and its history is steeped with many traditions and cultural influences.

Today we’re going to look at Frosted Oranges flowers from a licensed medical marijuana grower in Maryland, Grow West of Cumberland. If you haven’t visited these areas yet, you should definitely go. They’ve cut a chunk out of the mountain to build a road. It’s called Rocky Gap. It’s very cool. They have a little casino there that I sometimes have a déjà vu dream about. I fucked a centaur once too, but that’s not the point. We’re talking weed here, not my erotic forays into the astral plane. That’s another side.

Who is Growth West?

Damned if I know. Their website says more about their mascot, George the bear, than it does about the company. I don’t think George is real. It’s a bear invented to sell weed, which makes it an alternative medicine bear, bah dum ching. I met one of their producers at the Cannabis Science Conference a few months ago, he seemed cool. I could write a report to find out more, but I have a deadline today and I don’t know if they want to talk to me after this report. Quiet, George!

Good oranges in icing

So we actually have three different flowers from Grow West, but they don’t fit so well in the tent. The first of these, Frosted Oranges, is a delicious cannabis treat. Grow West frosted oranges word-image-8987 I found it at the Positive Energy store in Ocean City. They had it as part of the Weed Flight, which, like the Wine Flight, is a tasting of different varieties at a slightly reduced price. I liked the Diesel perfume so much that I took eight frozen oranges. The buds are loose, but are far from being larvae. There are no big chunks and very few pieces of popcorn in the package, so that’s good. Pretty trichome coverage and nice bright orange hairs. There’s a little granulated sugar left. Grow West’s frosted oranges generally have decent aesthetics. I would have been happy with a slightly better result. The smoke is quite sweet and has a slight diesel aftertaste. I could smoke a whole joint of half a gram in one go without any problems, but the potency (19,5% THCa reported) was more than enough halfway through. Grow West’s Frosted Oranges delivers a phenomenal buzz that hits all the points a gentleman wants. Half a joint and I get a powerful burst of energy that dispels anxiety and allows me to think clearly without getting sleepy. Smoke it and you’ll fly around in a fluffy pink dragon, attacking neighborhood bullies and forcing them to flee to the underworld. It fights fatigue so well that it’s best to skip it in the evening, unless you plan on playing video games until sunrise. Sigh. Again. I’m sorry, Mom. Willie’s Stomper word-image-8988

Gentleman… Er, it depends on.

The frozen oranges were delicious. Tangerine Cookies and Willie Stomper were really bad, just horribly bad. And yet they had to pass an internal quality control, were tested in a laboratory, and were offered for sale. It’s, uh… frustrating. Grow West is clearly capable of producing high quality flowers. Maybe they make all the mistakes in their ripening room so the next batch of tangerines and Willie Stomper are just as good as those frozen oranges. But for now, I have to advise you not to buy anything from Grow West without checking the smell first.

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