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I’ve been struggling with my sugar cravings lately, and I have to say that I have no idea why. I’m not sick, I’m not bored, I don’t have insomnia, I’m not depressed, and I’m not going through some kind of midlife crisis. But every time I look at a piece of chocolate, a piece of cake, or a candy, I just want it. I want to eat it, taste it, eat it, taste it, eat it again, and then I want more.

The Taken-influenced Vex simulation has (maybe?) come to an end, so it’s time to celebrate with the annual Solstice of Heroes event in Destiny 2.

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As usual, the tower changed slightly during this event. New cosmetic items have been added, which can be earned and purchased, and an exclusive game mode has been introduced. It looks like the 2021 version will be much less complicated, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to optimize your progress. Here’s everything you need to know about the Hero Solstice in Destiny 2 for the year 2021.

Destiny 2 Solstice of Heroes 2021 explained
Image: Bungie on HGG

The fourth iteration of Solstice of Heroes should look familiar to anyone who has played previous years.

You start with a rare upgraded harness set and try to get it to Majestic, then Magnificent and finally add a nice gloss for more expression. Here you will find everything you need to know about the Solstice armor improvement process.

Begin the search for the hero statue.

Before you can begin upgrading your armor, you must visit Eva Levante in the tower.

They will give you an updated helmet and send you on a tour of the European Airspace (EAZ). Complete a task, go back to the tower and talk to Eve again. He will suggest you meditate at the statue of the heroes (which is literally right next to it), which will allow you to get the remaining set of armor.

Main activities : European Airspace
Image: Bungie on HGG

EAZ is the return of activity for Solstice of Heroes and is essentially an isolated map within the European Dead Zone (EDZ). Here you and two other players have to kill as many minibosses as possible in a given time. On your next turn, an end boss will appear, which you must kill within a certain amount of time.

Image: Bungie on HGG

If you kill him, you can try to find the solstice chests scattered around the map. The more minibosses you destroy, the more chests you can open. This year, fortunately, the chests are not hidden and are shown with much more precise symbols on the map, so you have a good chance of collecting them all.

Image: Bungie on HGG

Open these chests to obtain Solstice key fragments that you can use to unlock Solstice packs.

Awards : Solstice Packages
Image: Bungie on HGG

You can earn blocked Solstice packs simply by playing EAZ activities. You get one by killing the boss and a random number from the Solstice chests in the final round. You must earn at least fifteen key fragments to unlock a Solstice pack, which is required to upgrade your armor and usually provides upgrade materials and Solstice armor.

EAZ elementary spheres

Like Strokes, EAZ has a daily rotation of elemental burns that alternate between Arc, Solar, Stasis, and Void. When you kill enemies with a burn, elemental orbs fall out that give you a small upgrade. By killing enemies with the current burn and collecting thirty orbs, you activate a much stronger buff for the duration.

They are again connected to upgrade stages, but serve no purpose other than to be useful in combat.

Armor reinforcement accelerator
Image: Bungie on HGG

One last thing worth mentioning are the armour boosts that can be unlocked. Eve sells them in the tower and you unlock them by upgrading full sets of Solstice armor. They are only useful if you want to upgrade multiple sets for one character or speed up the process with secondary classes. Get them as soon as possible and complete the first step of the Solstice armor upgrade for all active characters.

To switch to the Majestic Armor
image: Bungie on HGG

The targets for each item of Solstice armor are listed in the inventory menu when you hover over a particular item. All upgrade paths are the same for all classes, except for some minor variations in enemies and burns. Learn how to upgrade your armor from improved to awesome here.

Helmet – 20 finishers
– Complete an EAZ race
– Collect Elemental Orbs
Gloves – Defeat 200 enemies
– Complete a playlist quest
– Open 10 Solstice packs
Chest – Defeat 30 guards
– Complete two public events
– Complete a public event Collect Elemental Orbs.Orbs in Game List Quests
Boots – Collect 50 Super Kills
– Complete a Patrol
– Collect 50 Strength Orbs
Class Action – 100 Precision Kills
– Collect 100 Orbs at each location
– Complete three lost sectors
Upgrade to Super Armour.

After upgrading the full armor to Majestic, learn how to upgrade it to Magnificent here.

Upgrade armor
Helmet – Collect 500 elemental orbs
– Quickly defeat 100 enemies
– Defeat five minibosses in EAZ,
Gloves – Kill 200 enemies with weapons
– Get 20 elemental buffs
– Complete Altar of Woe or Redefinition missions
Chest – Collect 50 Solstice Key fragments
– Defeat 100
– Complete Blind Well or Grapes of Wrath missions
Boots – Defeat 50 enemies in melee battles
– Collect orbs from a playlist
– Complete public events in Europe or on the battlefields
Class Action – Collect 50 orbs in EAZ
– Defeat 50 tough enemies
– Complete three competitive PvP matches or Nightfall Strikes
How to Unlock Shining Armor

After upgrading the armour set to Magnificent, learn how to unlock the Shining Armour here.

Light Armor How to Unlock
Helmet Complete a Master or Grandmaster Night Fight
Gloves Complete a Raid
Chest Complete a Dungeon
Boots Defeat 15 Champions or Guards
Class Item Complete a Legendary or Master Casualty Area
When does the Hero Solstice end?
Image: Bungie

Heroes’ Week events and armor sets can only be played and upgraded during an event. Hero Solstice in Destiny 2 officially started on Tuesday, July 6, and ends on Tuesday, July 3. August. The event will officially end at the usual weekly reset time. So keep an eye on your time zone to see how it affects your time zone.

Celebrating the past and preparing for the future

We hope this guide will help you make the most of this year’s Heroes’ Wende event. Don’t forget to share this article with your Fireteam on your favorite social channels. If you want to receive the latest Destiny 2 news, sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date.

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How do I stop sugar cravings fast?

The best way to stop sugar cravings is to eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly.

Will a small amount of sugar stop ketosis?

No, sugar will not stop ketosis.

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