The following is an overview of both low-carb diets and low-carbohydrate diets. Low-carb diets are very popular, and they come in many different variations. These diets are typically based on a very low carbohydrate intake and are often called ketogenic diets.

So, many of us are becoming well-acquainted with low-carb diets, especially as there’s a lot of popularity surrounding them. But, what is a low-carb diet exactly? Low-carb diets are diets that are low in carbs. They’re often used to help reduce unhealthy cholesterol levels such as high triglycerides. Even more recently, low-carb diets have been used to help treat certain types of cancer, and even diabetes. Yet, there are a lot of low-carb diets out there, and just as many myths about them. That’s why we’ve written this article.

This post is about a new low-carb diet that has been around for a few years, but has recently been getting a lot of attention and coverage among the media. The diet was created by Dr. Barry Sears, a famous dietician and author of The Zone Diet, and is very different from the low carb diets that are currently popular today. The main difference is that the Sears diet is high in protein, and low in carbs, fat, and calories.. Read more about low-carb diet cause hair loss and let us know what you think.

Is it true that when you start a low-carb diet, you may lose your hair? Yes, and there are many misconceptions and myths around it.

Here’s what you should be aware of.

Temporary hair loss may be caused by a variety of factors, including a significant dietary change. This is most prevalent when drastically limiting calories (e.g., starvation diets, meal replacements), although it may also occur on low-carb diets.

If this is the case, you’ll notice an increase in the number of hairs coming out while combing your hair around 3-6 months after beginning a new diet.

The good news is that, even if you are unlucky, this will only be a brief occurrence. Only a little portion of the hair will fall out (the thinning will rarely be very noticeable to others).

After a few months, all of the hair follicles will begin to develop new hair, and your hair will be as thick as it was before. Naturally, if you have long hair, this might take a year or more.


It’s essential to grasp the fundamentals of hair growth in order to fully comprehend what’s going on.

Every hair on your head grows for approximately two to three years at a time. It will then cease developing for up to three months. Then, in the same hair follicle, a new hair begins to develop, pushing the old hair out.

As a result, you lose hair every day, but since the hairs are out of rhythm, it’s not as apparent. You lose one hair and another grows in its place, ensuring that you have about the same amount of hairs on your head at all times.

Hair loss linked with stress

If your body is under a lot of stress, more hairs than normal may enter the resting phase all at once. This may happen for a variety of causes, including the following:

  • calorie-restricted diets and meal replacements are examples of starvation.
  • Diseases
  • Exercise that is unusually difficult
  • Pregnancy
  • Breastfeeding is a method of feeding a
  • Deficiencies in nutrients
  • Stress on the mind
  • Any significant dietary changes

After a few months, as new hairs begin to grow, all of the previously resting hairs will come out at almost the same moment. In fancy medical words, this is known as “telogen effluvium” (learn more about it), and it’s quite frequent.

What should I do?

You don’t have to do anything if there was an apparent triggering event 3-6 months before you discovered the issue, such as having baby or switching to a rigorous low-carb diet. The issue is most likely just temporary.

It’s doubtful that discontinuing a diverse and healthy low-carb diet would speed up hair regrowth; it’ll probably proceed at the same rate regardless. And, sadly, once hair loss has begun, there is no way to halt it since the remaining hairs will fall out regardless of what you do.

Blood tests for nutritional shortages are feasible, but they are unlikely to reveal anything noteworthy unless you are on a vegetarian or vegan diet (with no iron or B12 supplementation).

How to reduce the risk of hair loss while beginning a low-carb diet

To begin with, transient hair loss is uncommon after beginning a low-carb diet, and most individuals are unaware of it.

There are no research on how to reduce this tiny risk, although it’s probably best to avoid calorie restriction, i.e., don’t go on a low-carb, low-fat diet (sometimes known as “starvation”). Instead, on an LCHF diet, consume as much fat as you need to feel full and not hungry.

During your first few weeks on low carb, it may also be beneficial to decrease other causes of stress. Sleep properly, treat yourself with kindness, and avoid beginning an intensive fitness regimen at the same time.


Read all there is to know about low-carb negative effects:

Low-carb side effects & how to cure them

The following are the top six issues that people face when they first begin.

Low-carb problems are less frequent.


Myths about low-carb diets

There is a lot of buzz about low-carb diets, and a lot of confusion about them. This post is an attempt to open the eyes of those who are new to the concept, and to give those who have already tried it a better understanding of what to expect. We will cover some of the basics, as well as some tips for success.. Read more about can the keto diet cause your hair to fall out and let us know what you think.

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