Tabata workout is a very effective workout for both aerobic and anaerobic fitness. This short intensive workout, which involves alternating 20 seconds of intense effort with 10 seconds of rest, has been shown to raise both VO 2 max and resting heart rate, and can improve cardiorespiratory fitness and nearly every other health and fitness indicator.

Tabata Workout crossfit a.k.a Tabata Protocol – The Health Fitness Tips. Tabata is a very popular exercise routine. Its a type of fast aerobic exercise in which you exercise for 20 seconds, then rest for 10 seconds and repeat this exercise for 8 cycles (a total of 4 minutes). It is a high intensity, anaerobic workout. It is usually performed with a one-minute break after each set.

For those not familiar with the term Tabata : It is named after a Japanese scientist and refers to high-intensity training. It consists of eight sets of exercises performed at a very fast pace. Each round lasts 20 seconds, followed by a 10 second break. Such a short rest period does not allow people to rest properly, so it is very intense. Tabata training, also known as the Tabata protocol, is designed to train all human energy systems. This ensures high calorie burn during and after your workout.

CrossFit is a lifestyle that is constantly focused on high-intensity movements. He takes very good care of the food. It helps to achieve goals like losing weight and feeling better. Whether you have been exercising for years or are just starting out, the program is suitable for everyone.


Scientist Tabata has proven that high-intensity training leads to a significant increase in both the anaerobic and aerobic energy delivery systems. The training consists of a total of eight rounds. Each round lasts 20 seconds with as many repetitions as possible. Each round is followed by a 10 second break.


  • Reduces the amount of fat in the body
  • Developing lean muscle mass
  • Develops aerobic capacity
  • Increases anaerobic capacity
  • Increases the capillary effect
  • Improves VO2 max


Below is a list of Tabata workouts you should try. Before you start, make sure you’re mentally prepared for a four-minute, high-intensity workout. Warm up and then start your Tabata workout.


Normally, if you do front squats, 250lbs is easy for you? If so, even 90 pounds seems to be the heaviest here. Hold the bar in front of you and place it on your collarbones. Keep your fingers relaxed and your elbows up. Lower yourself slowly by bending your knees and keeping your back straight. Don’t forget to squat between your legs. Don’t lock yourself in when you get up. Repeat this process until you have completed 20 seconds.


In this workout, a person can handle the heaviest weight because the kettlebells must be moved overhead at a certain weight. This exercise requires no special technique and can include many more repetitions than lifting weights. Perform this exercise as you would any other normal kettlebell movement using the Tabata method, i.e. perform the exercise for 20 seconds followed by 10 seconds of rest.



Throw and catch the ball with all the weight you can manage.


Even if you are not able to do many reps, try to do as many as possible.


They only require your body weight, so they are easy to perform and can have a lot of repetitions compared to other exercises.


Lie on the floor, then do push-ups. Hold the position for 20 seconds and repeat. The first few rounds are easy. But the more you progress, the more pain you will feel in your arms and abs. Push your elbows forward to make the exercise a little harder.


Take a dumbbell and do both step-ups and headlifts. You can stand in front of a wall or a bench. This will strengthen your shoulder and arm muscles. Pull-ups are just as popular as burpees for those who practice Tabata training. Choose light weights first.



As with other rowing exercises, get on the rowing machine and start exercising. With Tabata training, the only difference is the intensity, which is very high. Stay at the same pace throughout the operation. Don’t start too fast or you’ll lose all your energy at the end of the round.


Trains arms, back, abs and shoulders. To use the ski ergometer, stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Hold the handles and lean forward slightly. This keeps your hands slightly above your head. Then bend over and push your hips forward as you pull the handles down. Keep your arms straight as you move to your hips. It won’t be easy, no doubt!

Hand push

If you are a beginner, try the hand push first. To do this, stand in front of the wall and do a normal handstand, touching the wall with your feet for support. Contract the abdominal muscles, thigh muscles and gluteus maximus. Get as close to the ground as possible. Then come and do it again. If you want to last longer, use hip training.


You can combine the courses as follows

  1. Suspension squats
  2. Box jumps with a Burpee
  3. Wall balls
  4. Rocking with weights
  5. Muscle lifting on the bar
  6. Snapper
  7. GHD squat
  8. Pull-ups


  1. Walking in handstand
  2. Attack bike
  3. Pumping on the hands
  4. Connecting a power surge
  5. Boxing jumps
  6. From toes to bear
  7. Lifting the ring
  8. Dashboard in suspended position


Once you start a Tabata training program, your body will be very sore due to the transformation that takes place inside. When you start exercising regularly, you will notice how much strength you have gained and how much extra weight you have lost. As you do, you gain stamina and it gets easier every day. Increase the weight gradually and the results will be right in front of you!

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