Imagine a world where your body and health are constantly monitored by external forces. Now, imagine that you have learned to trust this information and use it to improve your health. This is the world of a healthy life – one where you are constantly under the microscope, but at the same time, where you can learn to trust the results and use them to make positive changes.

My journey to better health started when my doctor told me that my HDL numbers were too low, and I needed to take a statin. I was surprised, because I didn’t even know I was at risk for heart disease. The doctor didn’t know what to tell me, so he referred me to a cardiologist. That’s when I learned about the Nameless Geneticist, who was able to analyze my DNA to give me personal recommendations about the best way to treat my specific conditions.

It’s no surprise that you can’t be healthy if you lack a healthy body. In this post I want to share with you some of the insights I gained from this DNA test that helped me understand my body, improve my health, and make better dietary choices. I’ll explain which diet plan I followed, and what worked for me. I’ll also share some of the surprises I found.. Read more about what diseases can be detected through genetic testing and let us know what you think.


With InsideTracker, it’s time to get back on track.

Have you ever made a health goal that you couldn’t seem to stick to? If you’ve tried everything to shed those last few pounds or can’t figure out why you’re having trouble sleeping, InsideTracker is here to help you find out what’s actually going on in your body and take control.


I was dubious of this approach to health and reluctant to undertake medical testing since I wasn’t sure whether it would offer me with practical answers, but I was completely incorrect, and I am glad to have begun my journey with InsideTracker.

But before I tell you about my personal experience, you should understand what to anticipate from this one-of-a-kind procedure.


How does InsideTracker function in practice?

InsideTracker is a customized approach to optimum health that is based on actual data from your DNA, blood, food, and everyday activities.

The procedure was straightforward. All I had to do was print out a lab page, and I was done! My local clinic’s lab techs understood precisely what to perform without my having to ask a lot of questions, and the findings were given in a clear and understandable manner.


You’ll get precise answers and practical actions to improve areas that aren’t in line with normal or optimum health, as well as information on how your results compare to those of other InsideTracker users, in addition to comprehensive data.

I like how ADDICTIVE Inside Tracker is; from testing to viewing the findings, it seems like something you can really do! It also makes you more accountable and enables you to establish new objectives after you’ve accomplished one.

InsideTracker’s team of skilled and educated scientists can help you accomplish your objective of losing weight, increasing physical endurance, or just becoming a healthier version of yourself.


InsideTracker provided me with the information I needed to make the necessary adjustments.

I wasn’t anticipating anything frightening when I got my InsideTracker findings, but what I learned has truly helped me make lifestyle and food choices….. And I’m happy I gave it a go! These results have really changed my outlook on living a healthy lifestyle, and I want to keep these results and set new objectives using InsideTracker!


I also discovered that my LDL and HDL cholesterol levels aren’t exactly where they should be, and that there’s certainly space for improvement! InsideTracker accompanied my findings with a list of actions I may do to increase and maintain my lipid levels as soon as feasible.


Another intriguing aspect of InsideTracker is the InnerAge score, which displays your biological age in relation to your chronological age, as well as a list of particular biomarkers that influence that number and how you may improve certain biomarkers to reduce it even more.


That concludes our discussion. Our bodies, DNA, and genetic predispositions are all unique, therefore there is no one-size-fits-all health strategy that will work for everyone. That’s what makes InsideTracker so appealing. They not only help us understand our bodies better, but they also offer in-depth, personalized treatments that take into consideration all of our particular features. That’s what I call a unique mindset!

As I previously said, I did not anticipate to get much from my time with InsideTracker, but what I did learn was valuable, and I am thankful for the information I received. Inside Tracker is definitely worth the money for those who want to take their health to the next level, or for those, like me, who want to make sure they are really living a healthy lifestyle and discovering practical methods to enhance their health.


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There are a set of genes that determine whether you are male or female. They are called “XY,” “XX,” or “ZW,” depending on whether you are a “male,” “female,” or “intersex.” While these are the most common, there are others, such as “XXY,” “XO,” and “XXY” that are extremely rare. One of my doctors once told me that the likelihood that I had XX chromosomes (male) was 1 in 3.5 billion. To put that in perspective, there are only about 5 million people in the U.S.A.. Read more about dna testing for fitness and nutrition reviews 2020 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can a DNA test tell you about your health?

A DNA test can tell you a lot about your health, including how long you have been alive, what diseases you may be predisposed to, and even if you are related to other people.

Can knowing your DNA help you lose weight?

Yes, knowing your DNA can help you lose weight. It is possible to use a genetic test to find out what foods are the best for your body and how much exercise you need in order to burn fat.

Can a DNA test really tell you what you should and should not be eating?

The answer to this question is no, it cannot.

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