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This blog is about those who are passionate about health and fitness, to share their real-life experiences with you.  Their journeys cover everything from overcoming huge health and fitness barriers (and you can too).  You can read and learn from their stories, and see how they overcame their own health and fitness barriers.

I am a fan of fitness and health. I love eating right and working out, but I struggle to keep my fitness routine. There are always excuses to not work out, crazy busy schedules, I don’t have time, and I’m not “in it” enough to see results.

Wouldn’t it be great if starting a health and fitness journey resulted in a clear path to success? That isn’t real life, for better or worse, but there is hope. Here are six actual examples from Coaching customers who overcome huge difficulties on their weight-loss journeys, learned from their experiences, and used what they learned to become better and stronger people than they had ever been.


Why is it so difficult for people to lose weight and get in shape? It’s become a modern age’s defining question.

Well, life is the answer.

Jobs that are in high demand. Change phobia. Self-assurance is eroding. Beer and bar food are central to their social lives. Getting married and starting a family Caring for a sick relative or even suffering a loss.

These obstacles to health and fitness often seem insurmountable to people who are confronted with them.

For a time, hopelessness will have the upper hand. You may believe that no one understands you and that no one can help you. It may appear that there is nothing beyond the bottom.

Coaches have heard all kinds of struggle tales from over 100,000 customers, including nail-biters, gut-punchers, and heartbreakers. And if these experiences have taught us anything, it’s that people are resilient.

There seems to be a small voice inside each of us that whispers, “Keep going.”

The six stories that follow are from people who persevered.

Despite the significant challenges they faced, these Coaching customers persevered and reached the summit of their personal mountain.

These are true stories from people just like you.

Which implies the tale isn’t ended just because you’ve reached a seemingly immovable rock, whatever that means to you.

All you have to do now is keep going.

Meet Bob.

Bob Miller, who was only 59 years old at the time, had had multiple near-misses with mortality due to major heart and kidney problems. However, a desire to meet his future grandkids drove him to enroll in coaching, and he accomplished what appeared impossible at the time. Bob is looking forward to a bright future now that he has a healthy body and has lost a large amount of weight.

Nivi is someone you should get to know.

Nivi Jaswal was a high-performing senior executive with a strong determination to succeed—until she passed out from exhaustion and awoke on a hotel room floor. She discovered, at the age of 37, that self-compassion, not perfectionism, was the key to realizing her greatest potential.

Daniel is someone you should get to know.

At the age of 38, Daniel Hayes, a dedicated marathon runner, came dangerously near to dying from a heart attack. Daniel couldn’t seem to get back to his fit, healthy self after surgery and metabolism-slowing medicines. Coaching aided him in discovering the road to long-term habits that will keep him healthy.

Sheila is someone you should get to know.

Sheila Brooks, 49, used to be terrified of going to the gym before she met Coaching. She got comfortable picking up heavy barbells after years of believing she wasn’t cut out for exercise due to a disability, and in the process redefined herself as capable and strong.

Meet Dan.

Dan Hibbert was left with a great deal of sadness and five children after the untimely death of his wife. He made the courageous decision to stand up for his family, and the 45-year-old has realized that fitness can be one of his biggest allies in coping with grief because to Coaching.

Alana is someone you should get to know.

Alana Wylie-Reeves, 54, could barely bend over to pick anything up off the floor when she first started coaching. She lost the additional weight that was slowing her down after a year on the program, and she learned that she is more resilient than she ever expected.

Do you want to be the healthiest, fittest, and strongest version of yourself?

Most people are aware that getting enough exercise, eating well, sleeping well, and managing stress are all vital for looking and feeling better. However, they require assistance in putting that information into practice in the context of their hectic, sometimes stressful lives.

Over the last 15 years, we’ve used the Coaching technique to assist over 100,000 people lose weight, gain strength, and improve their health… for the long haul… no matter what obstacles they face.

It’s also why, through our Level 1 and Level 2 Certification programs, we teach health, fitness, and wellness professionals how to coach their own clients through similar issues.

Interested in becoming a coach? Join the presale list to save up to 54% and get a spot 24 hours before the general public.

On Wednesday, July 14th, 2021, we will be accepting applications for our upcoming Coaching.

If you’re interested in learning more about coaching, I recommend signing up for our presale list below. Being on the list provides you with two distinct benefits.

  • You’ll get a better deal than everyone else. We like to reward the folks that are the most enthusiastic and motivated since they always make the best customers. If you join the presale list, you’ll save up to 54% off the general public pricing, the lowest we’ve ever offered.
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This is your chance to transform your body and your life with the guidance of the world’s greatest instructors.

[Note: If you currently have your health and fitness under control but want to help others, look into our Level 1 Certification program.]

This time, we have a story from a reader who has overcome many health challenges, including obesity and depression.. Read more about the secret of body transformation and let us know what you think.

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