As a frugal keto eater, you may be used to doing without, but when it comes to tacos, there are some things that are simply non-negotiable. One of those is the tacos al pastor that is served on a spit at every taco stand in Mexico. This is the recipe that you will see on the menu at almost every taqueria in Mexico, and it is arguably the best taco filling out there.

Chipless nachos are delicious, and there is no arguing about that. The problem is, they can be a little on the messy side. At least, that is the way my husband and I look at things. We both like to dip our chips in salsa, and we both like to eat them out of bowls, not on a plate. But, at most restaurants, that is the only way you can enjoy chiplets.   At home, I can easily get my husband to try the no-chip version. I have even had the honor of eating the no-chip version. That was my reward for finding this online miracle for weight-loss.

You want to eat nachos?

Get ready to live each day like it’s Taco Tuesday, my friends! Order nachos without fries like a pro at restaurants like Cheesecake Factory [pictured above] and Old Chicago [pictured below] with this simple hack for keto restaurants.

order nachos without chips:

  1. Look closely at the menu for foods high in carbohydrates that you want to avoid (mostly chips, corn, beans, refried beans and red sauces like marinara, discussed below).
  2. Order nachos a la carte from your friendly waitress.
  3. Ask for it: Can you keep [insert carbohydrate-rich food here] at a high level?
  4. If you are unsure of the amount of carbs, ask to bring sauces for garnish [this includes guacamole, sour cream and salsa].
  5. Say: О ! Can I put nachos on the salad instead of chips?
  6. Reassure them that the salad will not wilt, because you have prepared it this way many times and it is still perfect.

The chef may question the salad substitution (as he did last night at the Old Chicago restaurant). Politely let them know that you take full responsibility for the outcome, but also know that the salad will not wilt for three reasons:

  1. Water-based.
  2. It’s probably cold from the fridge.
  3. It’s insulated with all the fillings.

Some might call it a salad with melted cheese on top, but that’s how I always order nachos, and now the waiters want to order them that way too. Give it a try! Maybe you’ll start a new trend….

Don’t you want to order nachos without chips? Make these easy microwave keto nacho chips with just one ingredient!

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