Voga, or ‘Vogue Yoga,’ Is Coming to NYC This Spring | The New York Times reported last week that the first ‘voga’ studio is set to open at the Bryant Park Hotel in New York City this spring. For those unfamiliar with the term, voga is a new and controversial style of yoga that incorporates the latest fashion trends in women’s clothing, accessories, and hair. Based on the study of new trends in women’s clothing and accessories, this yoga style involves a set routine of poses (think: “Downtown Girl”) that is meant to be a workout in and of itself.

Voga is the latest style of yoga, and it’s making waves in the yoga world. Voga combines the best parts of trendy fitness trends like CrossFit, athletic performance, and yoga with the fashion world. But what exactly is voga and are you guaranteed to like it?

Voga, or “Vogue Yoga,” is a way of yoga that’s been gaining traction in cities across the world. It’s a dance-infused style of yoga that’s all about the mix of sexy and somber, inspired by the streets of New York, where the style was first founded. Voga is all about “flowing” and “finding the flow”

Remember when we said Voga was taking over the United Kingdom? Now it’s on its way to New York City.

Previously, this dance/yoga combination was only accessible in Paris, Istanbul, and London, where it originated. Voga sessions will be available in June for New Yorkers who love mixing yoga with ‘80s dance routines, Madonna, and brightly colored spandex.

According to ABC News, each class will have its own DJ, which means lots of ‘80s music to get yogis in the mood.


“Voga provides all of the health advantages of yoga and more, due to a unique sequence of poses and counter-postures that engage the whole body, right down to the hands and feet,” explains Juliet Murrell, inventor of Voga and founder of House of Voga.

Voga’s Beginnings

Murrell intended to make yoga more of a cardiac exercise, as we previously reported. She chose to mix the strength-building postures of yoga with the excitement of a dance class when she became a certified yoga teacher in 2011. She took inspiration from the rhythms of the 1980s and created something that blended the strength-building poses of yoga with the energy of a dance class. Voga is the end product.

“Voga is for individuals who like yoga but also desire a cardiovascular exercise without losing concentration… The House of Voga website claims that combining the two disciplines gives additional vitality and purposefulness to both.


The bright leggings are also a plus. Although you are not obliged to wear in eye-popping ‘80s-style clothes, attendees are urged to let their hair down and enjoy the class’s atmosphere.

Vogueing, which began in the 1980s in New York’s drag dance scene, is renowned for its “dramatic and expressive postures,” according to House of Voga, which offers participants a feeling of strength and confidence. Combining these theatrical movements with yoga is said to give the exercise more “energy and purposefulness.”

And, let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to spend every now and then in a yoga class performing ‘80s dancing moves? New Yorkers, what are your thoughts? Would you want to Voga?

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Voga is the hip new yoga to hot yoga. Voga is high fashion, and high fashion is the new yoga. With the trend of Voga, or ‘Vogue Yoga,’ here to stay on the West Coast for the better part of a decade, the next stop is New York. In April, Voga will be featured at the Madison Avenue Armory for the first time. This yoga-inspired fashion show, called Voga, will bring together fashion designers, yoga teachers, and models to teach and promote yoga.. Read more about private pilates class and let us know what you think.

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